(A) ADINET is Maintaining a Database of over 5500 Current Periodicals received by over 140 Libraries in and around Ahmedabad.

(B) Document Delivery and Inter Library Loan: ADINET enables users to locate periodicals/books/reports, so that these can be borrowed on Inter Library Loan.

(C) Content Pages of Library and Information Science journals are regularly supplied to all members. Full texts of selected articles from content pages are supplied.

(D) Supply of Photocopies from journals published by more than 19 major publishers which cover over five thousand journals.

(E) Manpower Development Programs.

(F) Completion of backlog of any work of Library and Information Centers.

(G) Digitization Work.

(H) Retroconversion - Data entry of Catalog Cards.

(I) Quarterly Seminars on Current Trends in Libraries.

(J) Librarians' Day Celebration:
Each year ADINET Celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan as Librarians' Day, by conducting a Seminar on An Important Current Topic.

(K) ADINET Website has been redesigned with Vital Links to Important Databases: The following useful information is available on the Website:

  1. Directory of Libraries & Information Centers.
  2. Union List of 5540 Journal Titles.
  3. Directory of Librarians.
  4. Open Access Resources.
  5. CUrrent COntents for Library and Information Science (CUCOLIS).
  6. ADINET Newsletters.
  7. Power Point Presentations of Monthly Lecture Series.

(L) Free Listing of Qualified Librarins on ADINET Website.

All Qualified Librarians Working in Libraries of Gujarat are Invited to Submit the Online Registration Form with Details of their Name, Designation, Organization Address, Telephone Numbers and E-mail Address. Please fill up the Online Registration Form.